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Fast Veneer Kit

The Fast Veneer system is designed for the rapid and easy shaping of anatomically suitable composite laminate veneers.

The Fast Veneer Set includes a total of 32 templates, available in large and medium sizes,on the maxillary and mandibular arches, for teeth numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Each template is labeled according to the Palmer scale and marked in a way that easily indicates its size.

The specially designed shape of the templates facilitates exceptional ease in shaping them according to the anatomical structure.

The user-friendly design of the templates saves time during application.

The transparent structure of the templates ensures polymerization without the formation of an oxygen inhibition layer.

The reusability of the templates enables economical achievement of ideal results

Composite laminate veneers: Used for the fabrication of composite laminate veneers, which are thin layers of composite material applied to the front surface of teeth to enhance their appearance.

Mock-up for porcelain laminate veneers This allows patients to preview and approve the proposed treatment outcome.

Temporary fabrication for porcelain laminate veneers: . Temporary veneers are used to protect the prepared teeth and provide aesthetic functionality while the final veneers are being created in the dental laboratory.

In cases requiring surface-level non-preparation caries treatment: It greatly facilitates the placement and shaping procedures of composite on the tooth surface, resulting in exceptional ease of use. It saves time

Usage Information

An appropriate template is selected based on the tooth to be restored.

The surface to be restored is prepared according to the direct composite restoration protocol.

After the composite application, the concave surface of the template is pressed onto the applied composite on surface to ensure that no air bubbles remain.

Excess composite is removed, and dental cure light application is carried out according to the characteristics of the composite.

After removing the template from the tooth surface, dental cure light is applied to complete the polymerization.

The restoration is completed with composite finishing and polishing procedures.

Templates are reusable and can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes suitable for plastics and autoclaved at 135°C.

Do not use dry air sterilizers or chemical cleaners

Fast Veneer kit Advantages:

The Fastveneer Kit utilizes an innovative technology that enables the creation of natural-looking and high-quality composite restorations in a single session.

Sysems allows you to:

Provide your patients with natural-looking composite restorations.

Obtain a hard and glossy surface as there is no oxygen inhibition layer formed during curing.

Ensure effective full polymerization due to its light translucency.

Work flexibly as it is compatible with any composite material, it is allowing you to freely choose the composite.

Save time as it easily separates from the cured composite.

Perform applications on single tooth or multiple

Save costs by reusing the templates.

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