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  1. T-endo MUST, designed to eliminate the problems which you may encounter in root canal
    shaping, you can finish your treatments effectively in a short time. T-endo MUST is designed for multi-use. For this reason, the treatment allows you to save a considerable amount of your costs. Thanks to the strong root canal files produced by the heat treatment technology, a short and effortless preparation in the treatment will be sufficient. The power of T-endo MUST technology and reciprocation movement guarantees you the most effective treatment.

    • Reciprocataion movement to counter-clockwise

    • Cutting efficiency S-shaped cross-section

    • Maximum resistance for against fatigue with tm-wire technology

    • Excellent material for multi-use

    • One file for most of your treatment

    • Short preparation time

    • Introduced in sterile blisters

    • ISO color stoppers

    • Heat treated NiTi alloy

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