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  • With Aqium® 3D, a high level of hydrophilicity, with simultaneously high tensile strength and ultimate elongation, has been successfully achieved. In particular Aqium® 3D LIGHT, MEDIUM, and MONO provide an increased level of hydrophilicity. Usually these important mechanic specific values will be reduced more the higher the hydrophilic property is adjusted. Lower values cause a tear of the material during the removal out of the patient’s mouth and the impression must be repeated. Aqium® 3D offers safety herein and takes, in this combination, a leading position in the dental market.

    The individual components are optimally co-ordinated with the others regarding the important hydrophilic properties, ultimate tensile strength, elongation of break, thixotropy and fluidity and thus render an incomparably high performance of the overall system.

  • Working time: 2 min. 15 sec.
  • Time in mouth: 2 min. 15 sec.
  • Colour: neon-yellow

  • 2x 50 ml cartridges + 12 Mixing tips NT, yellow

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