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Vigor Sectional Matrix Kit
It is designed for easily and quickly shaping and finisging posterior composite restorations in accordance with the anatomical structure.
The contents of a kit:
  • Total 2 Ni-Ti Rings. (1 molar + 1 premolar) 
  • Total 75 wedges in 3 differentsizes, ( S,M,L)
  • Total 120 matrixbands (30 of each 3.5 , 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 mm) 
  • 1 Forceps,
  • 1Ttweezers

What are the advantages of dental sectional matrix ?

A dental sectional matrix is a device that;

  • Helps to create a strong and anatomical contact area between adjacent teeth when placing a composite resin restoration in a Class II cavity1. Some of the advantages of using a dental sectional matrix are:
  • It provides a predictable, tight and longer contact area that prevents food impaction, dental migration and decay
  • It replicates the natural tooth anatomy and reduces the need for finishing.
  • It adapts to the shape and size of the cavity and allows for better access and visibility1.
  • It exerts an ideal separating force that facilitates the placement of the matrix and the restorative material without distortion.

How to use dental sectional matrix:

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